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What is Certified Hereford Beef?

Certified Hereford Beef is a marketing entity of the American Hereford Association. We work on behalf of our 6,000 local family ranchers to increase the value of the Hereford breed. 


Is Certified Hereford Beef Inspected?

Yes, Certified Hereford Beef is a USDA certified, graded and inspected program. All of our product is inspected for quality before being shipped for human consumption.


Is Certified Hereford Beef All Natural?

Yes, Certified Hereford Beef is an all natural product. Our cattle spend the majority of their lives on grass and are grain finished. 


Why can't I find Certified Hereford Beef where I live?

We’re still a small company working hard to leverage our producers all across the USA but we’re just not everywhere yet.


What grade is Certified Hereford Beef?

Certified Hereford Beef has two graded programs, which consist of USDA Choice and USDA Select beef.

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